Totes Cool: 2017’s Best Men’s Bag Trends

backpacks for workAdmit it — we’re all a little bit into the man bag. It’s functional, convenient, and stylish. From the runway to the street, style mavens have been showing off their bags, making carried accessories one of 2017’s top trends. If you’ve been hesitant to rock a man bag, look no further. From a tote for your travels to backpacks for work, this simple guide will help you find your perfect match.

  1. Cross Body
    Small cross-body bags have been popping up on celebrities for months, catching the eyes of trend-spotters. “…The idea of non-famous dudes rolling into offices and bars wearing what is essentially a utilitarian purse strapped across their bodies seemed farfetched,” writes Megan Gustashaw of GQ. She writes, however, that these bags seem to be here to stay. Style your cross-body bag with a simple Supreme shirt to make it stand out.
  2. Totes
    The functional tote is a classic staple in women’s clothing. This bag, however, is now appearing in men’s lines. Totes are the perfect day bag, holding everything from your wallet to your laptop. Totes pair well with any outfit, as they are often neutral in color and simple in design.
  3. Stylish Duffles
    Say goodbye to your smelly gym bag. Duffles are taking over the fashion scene, making weekender bags more stylish than ever. Opt for a leather material for sleek travel. Which size to choose? Cool Men Style blog recommends a medium-sized bag between 50 and 60 centimeters in width. Be sure to keep it lightweight, as you want to save weight for the items you pack inside.
  4. Backpacks
    This timeless accessory is probably here to stay. While you’ve been using a backpack since you were five years old, be sure to be constantly updating your style. Worn and frumpy bags for men just don’t cut it anymore, especially with backpacks for work. If you are one of the 11 million people who enjoy skateboarding regularly, backpacks are a good option for you. You can secure it on your back while you are on the move. Supreme backpacks come in a variety of styles and colors, so choose one that works for you.

Ready to try out a man bag? We thought so. When choosing your perfect type of bag, be sure to keep your personal style in mind. You might be toting this bag around every day, so make sure you like it.

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