Supreme Backpacks

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Supreme started life as a humble hoard of skateboard enthusiasts, growing slowly but with massive momentum. The movement continued gaining traction until celebrity endorsements flitted past the periphery of the mainstream press. Today, Supreme is the pinnacle of exclusive skate gear and apparel.

We are Supreme Los Angeles, the world’s top Supreme brand clothing and apparel reseller, and we take the business of providing authentic items to our customers seriously.

Through collaboration with artists from around the world, Supreme has cultivated a community with core convictions. Rebellious trend breaking and barrier disintegration mark the strength and charisma behind the brand. This can be seen across a wide range of Supreme apparel, especially the sleekly styled backpacks.

Supreme Backpacks

Our selection of Supreme backpacks gives you a chance to experience the exclusivity and fashion forward flair of Supreme every day. Not only are these bags a serious statement, but they are renowned for utility and durability. The true value, though, is found in the fecundity of collaborative efforts put forth by the Supreme community.

With collaborations from fashion industry leaders, a new precedent is being set. No more stale, uninspired rigidity in apparel design. No more ‘one look fits all’ mentality. No more monotony.

Like any good musician, Supreme aims to work together with others and build something bigger. A collective fashion consciousness than never homogenizes. The fresh and always flowing influx of artistic talent buoyed by unparalleled passion for style, growth, and paradigm breaking innovations will keep Supreme and its community lifted for years to come.

Who knew a backpack could say so much?

So if you’re looking to support a growing community dedicated to the decentralization of fashion, a group committed to the free and fulfilling exchange of ideas, pick up a Supreme backpack today and become one with the movement.