How To Stay Cool And Look Cool This Summer

supreme packSummer heat harshing your mellow? For some, the start of June can be a real style downer. Trading your flannels and jackets for graphic tees may seem like sacrificing your entire look. Fortunately, there are ways to salvage your cool even in the hottest of temperatures. Studies show that nonverbal cues have over four times the impact of verbal cues, so let’s make sure you are giving off a suave, not sweaty, impression. Follow these simple tips to keep your threads looking fresh in the summer months.

  • Find The Right Shorts: Contrary to what you may have heard, shorts can be stylish. You just have to choose the right pair. Opt for quality fabrics and colors that pair well with the shirts in your wardrobe. And of course, make sure they are well tailored.
  • Choose Natural Fabrics: Many graphic tees for men are made of cotton, which is a great place to start. The more plant-based your fabrics, the better they will wick away sweat and keep your clothes well-ventilated.
  • Accessorize Well: Since layers are generally out of the question in the heat, use accessories to your advantage. 5 panel hats, funky necklaces, and bracelets are all good options. Throw a Supreme pack over your shoulder to take your look on the go. But remember, subtlety is key. Don’t overwhelm your outfit to the point of tackiness.
  • Choose The Right Fit: Too-tight clothing will make you majorly uncomfortable,
    so keep your clothing a bit loose in the summer. You don’t want to be swimming in your shirts and shorts though, so still make sure that they are the right size.
  • Keep It Casual: Remember that summer is a more laid back time. You don’t have to stick to the more formal style rules of the colder months. Reflect your chill vibe with whatever clothes feel natural.

Whether you’re heading to a concert, summer date, or kickback with your crew, your style matters. By separating your summer wardrobe from your winter one, you can curate you perfect warm weather look. From our t-shirts to our Supreme packs, browse our Supreme clothing online to get your summer look started.

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