Skateboarding Culture is Expanding Across the Globe

supreme capsRoughly 11 million people say that they enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis. Although Tony Hawk isn’t doing 900s anymore and skating video games aren’t quite as popular, skateboarding itself is still doing very well.

It’s not for everybody, but the sport has more of a cult following than just about any other sport, hobby, event, or activity out there. While some young people might remember a skateboarding clique at their high school, the sport has expanded its appeal in recent years. Today, skateboarding is beloved all over the world, from Louisville, Kentucky to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This year, over 50 volunteers from 20 different countries met with local skaters to build the first skatepark Ethiopia has ever seen. As soon as the park was completed, kids who have never enjoyed the freedom to skate without fear of police repercussion or traffic accidents took to the park.

“So many kids texting me, calling me, saying it’s the best day of their life,” said Addisu Haile Michael, founder of Ethiopia Skate. “Everyone is crazy and hyped up. We’ve been waiting for this for years now.”

According to i-D, the idea to bring a skatepark to Ethiopia started as a Facebook group. After a few years, the group increased their numbers and were meeting all over to plan out the project.

Micky Asfw, an 18-year-old skater who first fell in love with the sport on MTV, has been ecstatic about the ability to skate freely in his home country and share these moments with his friends and family.

“We are like brothers, we love each other so much, we care about each other, everybody cares about each other like a brother or a sister,” said Asfw.

On the other side of the world, here in the U.S., skateboarding has a longer history. There are parks located all across the country, but many people still associate skateboarding with criminal activity. That’s simply not true, as it provides young girls and boys an outlet to goof around with their friends and not cause trouble.

Some places like Portland, Oregon, Venice Beach, California, and New York City have a surplus of skateboarders that skate some of the nicest parks in the world. Another unexpected area, however, has perhaps the most amazing park in existence today.

According to From the Grapevine, the Louisville Extreme Park in Louisville, Kentucky is popular not only because of its great skating features and community, but because it’s one of the only skate parks that’s open 24 hours a day. The park has a massive 24-foot full pipe as well as vert ramps, transition sections, and a free skate street-style area.

A major part of skate culture has always been the unique style. Skaters don Supreme apparel with the iconic red Supreme clothing brand logo, including Supreme shirts, Supreme Caps, and just about anything else that makes them stand out from the rabble.

Kids back in the 1990s saw skaters like Gio Estevez, Ryan Hickey, and Justin Pierce wear Supreme caps as they transformed their style to match their newfound passion for skating. Now, a new generation is discovering their love for skateboarding.

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