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Why Are Supreme Box Logo Shirts So Popular With The Youth?

What makes Supreme brand clothing so popular, especially the simple Supreme logo shirts?

According to Tyler the Creator, Supreme is like “a little club, a secret society.”

According to Complex, they’re a bunch of rip off artists.

According to The New York Times, the brand is “a scruffy clubhouse for a select crew of blunt-puffing skate urchins, graffiti artists, underground filmmakers and rappers.”

According to your mom who heard it from her friend Deborah, Supreme is that company that makes skateboards invented by that nice young man who made the Obama hope poster.

According to fashion writers, Supreme apparel is the clothing brand that “refuses to sell out,” whatever the heck that means.

According to badass bitch Barbara Kruger, whose conceptual feminist propaganda posters inspired the now iconic Supreme logo, the company is nothing more than “a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers. I make my work about this kind of sadly foolish farce. I’m waiting for all of them to sue me for copyright infringement.”

According to the kids, rappers, debutantes, and skaters who actually wear Supreme brand clothing, it’s the only fashion logo they’re actually willing to be seen wearing. You won’t find many streetwear enthusiasts with American Eagle logos on their clothes, but you’ll find the hipsters of New York City, Silverlake, London, and Japan decked out in Supreme logo shirts, 5 panel hats, and other gear from the latest Supreme drop.

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