Kanye West Now Culturally Appropriating Skater Culture

buy supreme clothingKanye isn’t just the voice of his generation and a self-declared super genius, he’s also a budding fashion super genius as well. Sneakerheads are obsessed with his Adidas line, and he’s been driving the self-important world of high fashion insane ever since he bought and bullied his way into the scene. Kanye’s latest fashion obsession? Skater style.

For years, Kanye has been spotted in Supreme brand clothing, but in 2016 he’s been going full-on skater. Instagram posts from this year show the rapper wearing Supreme shirts, Vans sneakers, and beanies on a regular basis. And Kanye’s just the latest pop icon to embrace skater culture in recent years. We doubt Kanye spends much time at his local skatepark, but he still loves to wear his Supreme x Independent hoodie.

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Today, about 11 million people can be classified as skaters, but you’ll find many, many more wearing the most popular skate brands, whether they buy Supreme clothing online or get The Hundreds and Obey gear from their local skate shop.

For a certain kind of hipster, a fashion trend is officially dead when it goes mainstream. Yet hipster culture itself — whatever the hell that means anyway — has itself gone mainstream. So by the transitive property of bullsh**, who cares?

Let’s be real: we live in a shallow world, where people make instant snap decisions about us based on everything from our hygiene to our style and smile. Numerous studies have shown that attractive people do better in life. For instance, a conventionally attractive person has a 72.3% chance of getting a post-interview call back, compared to just 62% of everyone else.

If you want to look and feel your best, then you need a wardrobe that matches your personality. Some people think that being stylish makes you superficial, but those people are either dumb, poorly dressed, or both. Knowing how to dress yourself is just part of being an adult. Not only does having a killer wardrobe help you make better impressions, but your unique style can be a powerful way to express yourself. Just like Kanye.

And while we wouldn’t recommend wearing your favorite skate brand to your next job interview, the NYC-based Supreme clothing brand has officially stolen Obey’s crown as the top brand of 2016. If you aren’t in NY or LA to shop in person, you can buy Supreme clothing online instead.

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