What You Didn’t Know About Being Trendy

buy supreme onlineBeing trendy is a universally recognized status symbol. No matter where in the world you are, from Japan to England to the United States, to be trendy is to be hip, up to date, in style, dapper and modern all at once. Personal style is unique and adds to the first impressions people make of you.

First impressions are heavily influenced by nonverbal cues. Your visual appearance has more than four times the impact of anything you have to say. Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov studied the interactions between strangers and found that all it takes to form an impression of someone is only a tenth of a second. However, longer exposures do not alter those impressions, although they do boost your confidence in judgments.

Worried that not being trendy causes you not to be trustworthy? Because people make such snap judgments, it’s best to be prepared at all times, so that you can give out the best impression of your stylish self.

Attractiveness falls under the umbrella of being trendy. If you are interviewing for a job, make sure to look your best! An attractive person has a 72.3 % chance of receiving a callback from an interviewer compared to the 62.02% odds of not getting a call back if you are considered unattractive.

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Being trendy is easier than you’d think. Buy supreme online and you’ll be on your way to making those first impressions count.

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