From One Runway To Another, How To Use Streetwear To Fly Fashionably

From One Runway To Another, How To Use Streetwear To Fly Fashionably

streetwearIf you’ve ever seen Toy Story, you’ll remember when Woody jealously remarks that Buzz Lightyear can’t fly, but merely falling with style. As it turns out, we think Woody was really just jealous of Buzz’s outfit. Which, like, who can blame him?

Then there’s the flying. Departing from the hostile beginnings of a fictional friendship between two toys, let’s take ourselves to the airport. How many times have you seen throngs of people different shades of poorly dressed and kept for hours of airline travel? We’ve seen enough of them using their SkyMiles whilst leaving us in such a state of sartorial shock that airport/travel fashion need to be addressed.

Before you take to the airport, sky, and far away lands, suit up as if you care about the world seeing you. Streetwear, as it so happens, is perfect for the air. We’ve some essential tips for travel fashion that’ll have you both better looking and better prepared for the adventures of airline travel.

Bags on bags

The most important part of flying anywhere is that you need to pack things to bring with you. Seems obvious, right? The amount of travelers, both fledgling and veteran, who choose bags poorly and pack them even worse is alarming. Whether you’re checking bags or carrying onboard with you, choose good looking everyday streetwear like Supreme bags or weekender bags with some substance that’ll keep your stuff safe through some turbulence.


As much as you’ll be flying, there’s quite a bit of hiking around airports during transit, layovers, etc. Choose comfortable footwear that slips on and off easily. Enough people have offensively worn sandals on flights, to the dismay of passengers in the vicinity, so keep that in mind. Remember comfort, durability, and that your travel shoes should be able to answer to changes in the weather. You never know what you might land to at your destination and Supreme skate shoes just might be the perfect answer. Skate shoes might cost between $50 and $100, but one cannot put a price on shoes that are so versatile.

Comfy chic is key

You might be spending a while between flights, on flights, waiting for connections, and the like. Your outfit needs to look good, but no one’s expecting you to fly in a tuxedo. Sleek joggers or Supreme pants paired with your an equally sleek, light Supreme hoodie do the trick just fine; this is your time to make your travel outfit uniquely you. Temperatures often fluctuate on flights, so be sure to prepare your outfit to accommodate the in-between. Extremes are never a good call and your travel savvy streetwear calls for balance.

Fashion should be second nature at this point, but sometimes people get distracted by the hustle and bustle of travel and forget they have a chance to be strutting the international stage. The next time you book a flight for wherever, remember your packed outfits aren’t the only ones that matter and trounce that terminal in style.

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