Chic Street Style Hacks That Won’t Offend Your Grandparents

Chic Street Style Hacks That Won’t Offend Your Grandparents

supreme brandIt’s 2018, you already know you can dress streetwear up. Even though it’s 2018, plenty of people don’t understand much beyond a narrow definition of style and fashion. How about the fact that first impressions are usually first formed following non-verbal cues, versus verbal cues? How you present yourself before you speak is really important in formulating first impressions. Fashion makes first impressions.

Naturally, how you dress is one of the main things people initially make that first judgment on. You’re rocking Supreme brand skate clothing, so you already know what you’re doing. That said, streetwear still has to stand against the old guard of the fashion world.

Why not have both? These are the best ways to rock your Supreme clothing, not have elder generations be too alarmed, but maintain your edge.


Some Supreme apparel is bright and makes a bold statement. Other Supreme merchandise is subtle and wearable with anything. Jeans are comfortable and translatable from skatepark to business brunch if you do it right. Pair dark, well-fitted jeans with a dark blazer and you’ll look bold enough to conquer the runway, skate the street, and crush an interview.


Your Dad’s briefcase from the 80s isn’t going to cut it today. Sometimes a good bag is all it takes to add some attitude to your outfit while still carrying your stuff. This is where you can go a little wild. When your whole outfit fits well and treads the edge of bold and conservative, make a statement with your bag. No one’s going to foul you there. Instead, it’s a great conversation starter.


Little known fact, you can wear sneakers with a suit. You can’t wear every sneaker with a suit, so you have to be subtle. Nothing too gaudy, but with dark jeans, light sneakers are perfect. Generally, steer clear of in-your-face labels and opt for something more minimized as far as branding. We love the Supreme label, but if you’re trying to blend and still rock your sneaks, keep the labels to a whisper.

Supreme brand apparel lives for being bold, but we’re definitely in tune with the classical rules of fashion. If you haven’t noticed, the laws about dressing up your streetwear live and breathe in subtlety. You can make a quiet, fashionable statement and still maintain your comfort. Sharpen up, kids.

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