Take It To The Next Level: Street Style Trends To Expect This Fall 2018

Take It To The Next Level: Street Style Trends To Expect This Fall 2018

los angeles streetwearSummer is quickly coming to an end and fall is just around the corner. This may be disappointing for the beach bums out there, but now that the weather isn’t as freakishly hot we can all finally wear layers again.

That said, to help get you prepared for the coming season, here are some of the top streetwear styles you can expect to see this fall.

Ye Olde Logos

It’s no secret logo-baring clothes have been popular for years. Recently, this logo trend has taken a turn for the vintage.

On trend right now (and what you can expect this fall) are the heritage logos and motifs from the 1980s, ’90s, and 2000s. Some of the most common logos seen sported by folks on the street include the classic flag of Tommy Hilfiger, the bold red logo of Supreme, and Burberry’s Nova check.

Pastel Colors

Pastels have been an ongoing trend this year, but it seems they’re here to stay for an unexpected winter look. Pastels have long been the color trend for spring where yellow, pink, purple, and orange are common enough in nature.

But now it seems like the pastels are here to stay even with colder weather creeping in. What’s more, these colors aren’t in the traditional places you’d expect to find them like on a jacket. Instead, they’re on boots and sneakers.

Polychrome Plaids

If there’s one thing street style loves to do, it’s to make a callback. This season, that callback is being made to the 1980s punk scene after experiencing the sad tweeds and neutral plaids of menswear’s past.

This season, street style is vibing with bright and bold plaid textures mixed and mingled with other patterns, colors, and textures. Wear it as a full suit, pant, or jacket this fall and you’ll be on point.

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