Essential Gear For Your Next Skate Trip

Essential Gear For Your Next Skate Trip

skate clothingSome of the most fun a skater can have is hopping into their car (solo or with friends) and checking out a rumored skate paradise. If you’re heading out on an overnight skate road trip, here’s a beginner’s checklist of essential gear and goodies to pack. It goes a little beyond just basic skate clothing.

  1. First, you can toss almost everything you’re bringing (clothes, deodorant, and snacks) in weekender bags. Depending on how long the trip is and how finicky you are about changing your clothes, one weekender-size bag should be enough for one person.

  3. If you plan on hiking anywhere or lugging any gear with you outside of the car, you’ll probably want a backpack.

  5. Not bringing much with you but still worried about carrying small things? Wear an iconic Supreme pack. Bags for men are being redefined on the daily, so don’t be afraid to rock a fanny pack.

  7. Bring a couple sets of grungier skate clothing you don’t mind sweating on or ripping when you take a spill.

  9. Pack some nicer streetwear too in case you want to sit down and eat or hit up some friends in the area you haven’t seen in a while.

  11. You can’t go wrong with your favorite baseball cap.

  13. Your trusty skate shoes. Make sure to have some kind of repair plan for the worst case scenario, whether it’s duct tape or sole glue.

  15. Don’t forget to pack the most basic of basic toiletries: deodorant and baby wipes. A toothbrush or mouthwash are next in importance. Sunscreen’s not a bad idea if you’re planning on being out at a park all day, too. Driving back home isn’t super comfortable when your skin is burned and peeling.

  17. list of prime skate spots and shops to check out in the area you’re going to. Ask around online for good places to skate or ask some locals; not every skate spot is listed on map apps. Today, 77% of skateboarders prefer to shop with small specialty brands, and skaters love hidden gems. Fellow skaters should be happy to let you in on local spots.

These are the basics that you should bring on a skate road trip. The rest is up to your plans. Camping out or crashing in the car? Pack a sleeping bag or blanket. Have cash for tolls or the rare park entrance fee. Bring a camera or make sure your phone has enough juice to record all the epic moments and dumb memories you make with your buds along the way.

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