3 Reasons Why What You Wear Matters

3 Reasons Why What You Wear Matters

supreme merchYou were probably told at an early age that looks don’t matter. The reason that you were told this was so that you didn’t judge other people based on how they looked. Yet, looks do matter but in the sense of how you dress and present yourself. People formulate an opinion about you within seconds of meeting you. That opinion is heavily based on your appearance.

Despite what you were told as a child or what you believe now, how you dress yourself every morning has very real impacts on your life. Even though you might say “you don’t care” or “style isn’t important to you,” there are a few reasons why you might change your mind.

First impressions are based on what you wear
You could say it’s the sad truth about life but humans aren’t telepathic, so they can’t read your mind. The only way for someone to have a first impression about you is by basing it on your clothing and your style. That impression might not even register with the person or it might be a red flag inside their brain yelling “run,” particularly if you’re not wearing any clothes at all. So putting a bit of effort into what you wear, whether it’s Supreme merchandise or a tailored suit, matters.

Dressing well boosts your confidence
No matter how “in-touch” with yourself you are, it’s always nice to feel good about yourself. A great way to do that is by simply dressing nicely. If you feel good about the way you dress, then you’ll feel good about the way you look and about yourself in general. It can be as simple as rocking one of the Supreme 5 Panel hats or even a nice pair of fitted jeans.

You make a statement
After first impressions are done and over with, people still have an opinion about you that’s subject to change at any point. Even if you’re not interested in making friends with someone, dressing well can help you make a statement about yourself and the things you care about. If you like to skateboard, for instance, then wearing skate clothing or Supreme merch might make that clear to other people without you having to tell them.

Besides being a confidence booster and helping with first impressions, caring about how you dress can also affect your ability to get a job. An attractive person has a 72.3% chance of hearing back after a job interview. By putting a little bit of effort into your outfit and appearance, you can nail your dream job or anything else you put your mind to.

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