The Supreme Aesthetic: Looking At Culture

The Supreme Aesthetic: Looking At Culture

los angeles supreme storeWhen a group of like-minded individuals comes together to create something greater than themselves,?that?s?a grassroots movement. And when it comes to skaters, 77% of actually prefer small specialty brands to the top labels on the market. This shows community and common values. Supreme apparel represents an underground skater collective — an authentic amalgamation of quality, aesthetics, and commitment to the young counterculture at large.


Your clothing is the way you present yourself to others, and it speaks with its own voice. It tells the world in bold who you are and where you came from. Your image is a beacon for other people who understand your worldview, and who in some ways have experienced your life. Image, then, is an important factor in cultural identity. Even better,?countercultural identity.


What is a culture? A big question to ask amidst the thousands of vastly different answers. Perhaps this won?t paint the whole picture, but let?s look at a small part. Clothes can represent such a broad common thread among people who wear them. Say you?re walking down the street and you spot someone rocking a sick supreme shirt while skating. You immediately know how to talk to this complete stranger, because you share something. A style, lingo, beliefs maybe? This might not?be?culture, but it certainly could start one.


Clothing also has the added utility of?being clothing. Lofty ideals aside, the Los Angeles Supreme store is a reseller for authentic, immaculately high-quality Supreme brand clothing. When you purchase a new article of trendy apparel, you want it to fit right and to be durable. You want to love what you wear so you can feel confident in your own shoes. Whether it?s 5 panel hats, men’s bags, or graphic tees that will give your wardrobe a boost, the Los Angeles Supreme store has got you covered with all the latest styles. If you feel connected to the skater culture or the counterculture at large, Supreme is a grassroots way to wear your beliefs on the outside as well as on the inside. Turn heads and engage minds, and most of all, skate on!