Most Excellent Gift Ideas For the Awesome Skater In Your Life

Most Excellent Gift Ideas For the Awesome Skater In Your Life

los angeles supremeSkaters are a unique brand of human. Carefree and passionate at the same time, it can be tricky to figure them out. And that’s likely what brought you to this gift guide. You are either prepping for the holidays early or are hunting for the perfect birthday gift for the shredder in your life. Well, we are here to tell you what to buy, whether it’s from our Los Angeles Supreme Store or somewhere else. Just decide which type of skater you are buying for and shop away. For The Newbie If your friend or family member is just getting started with skating, these might be some solid gifts:

  • A Skateboard Deck: A new board might be the right gift for a new skater, but purchasing a new deck might grant you extra cool points. Alternatively, maybe a slight variation like a California longboard is the way to go.
  • A Practice Ramp: A small practice ramp will allow him or her to practice in the comfort of their own driveway, eliminating the dread of wiping out in public.
  • A Poster: In addition to basic skate gear, a small piece of decor can be great for establishing their newly found skater identity.

  For The Skating Purist You know the type. They are all about the sport and not at all about the fringe. These skaters are practical, so you should go with practical gifts.

  • New Skate Shoes: Because you know their old ones probably have holes in them. At the lowest end, a new pair will cost you about $50-$100, which isn’t too shabby. If you’re looking for something a little more special, limited edition Supreme shoes are sure to make an impression.
  • A Gift Card: While you wouldn’t dare pick out skate clothes or gear for them, you can give them money to pick it out themselves. Find out what their favorite online apparel store or skate shop is first.
  • A Backpack: Backpacks for work, play, and skating can be great gifts for the practical skater. This way, they can grab their bag and take on the entire day.

  For The Fashionista This skater is the opposite of The Purist. They are all about skate style and flare.

  • Supreme Brand Clothing: Our Los Angeles Supreme store is full of graphic tees, hats, and other threads for you to buy. In the skating world, the Supreme logo has become iconic, and Supreme brand anything is sure to be coveted by this type of skater.
  • Cool Accessories: Cool bracelets and necklaces can add an essential touch to every outfit, so this can be a cool, yet simple, gift.
  • A GoPro: The Fashionista likely enjoys documenting their skate tricks, so a new GoPro camera would be a dream for any budding Instagram star.

Choosing the perfect gift for a skater can be easy once you learn more about your options. For some inspiration, hop over to our Los Angeles Supreme online store. Pick out some Supreme clothing online like our 5 panel hats, graphic tees, bags, and add on from there.