New to Skating? Check Out These 3 Tips

New to Skating? Check Out These 3 Tips

supreme laIf you’re thinking about buying a skateboard, get ready for all of your time to be consumed by your newfound love of skating. There are a few tips you should keep in mind, however, that can ease your transition into the wonderful world of skating.

Check Out Online Apparel Store and Online Skate Stores for Your Gear

Just because you live near a sporting goods shop or a skate shop doesn’t mean that’s where you should purchase your new gear. Only 3.1% of all skateboard sales actually occur in physical sporting good stores, so you should browse the digital marketplace for not only the best deals, but the coolest gear. Check out Supreme LA for Supreme shirts, Supreme shoes, Supreme skate bags, and all their other cool items. Make sure you’re checking out all your options for your new skating gear. Supreme LA can hook you up whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been skating for years.

Learn a Little Bit About the Culture

Doing some research about skating prior to you actually going out and practicing your moves can give you a much greater appreciation for it. It’s not going to feel like you’re doing anything boring because it’s about something as cool as skating, but read up on the history of skating, learn who the skating icons are, what are the cool skate companies, know all the lingo, and study all the tricks. If you know what you’re talking about it, even before you even know how to do any skating moves, you’ll at least be able to hold a conversation with even the most experienced skater. You’ll also fall even more in love with the skating culture once you know a little more about it and its history.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time for Practice

Ask any skater and they will tell you the most important part about skating is practice. There is no way that you can go out and land pretty much any trick on your first try, but don’t let this discourage you. You should practice as much as you possibly can and you’ll be happy with the results. Practice in your driveway, practice at the park, skate around your neighborhood, skate in parking lots, get out there as much as possible. Check out Supreme LA for Supreme apparel, do some research about the history of skating, and practice, practice, and practice. Enjoy your new hobby!