4 Helpful Tips for Finding Your New Style

4 Helpful Tips for Finding Your New Style

supreme hatsFinding your style when you’re young can be tough. You don’t want to force anything, because then you might end up rocking uncomfortable clothes that you hate for years to come. If you’re style challenged, there are a few simple things you can do when deciding how to craft your personal style.

Take it Slow

You don’t have to commit to one specific aesthetic from day one. It’s best to slowly change how you want to dress over a long period of time. No one will care if you change something small every few days, but if you decide to go with a total, 100% makeover from head to toe, you might throw a few people for a loop.

Try New Things

Along with changing your style slowly, you can also take some pretty big chances as well. As long as you feel comfortable wearing something with confidence, you’re golden. Try crazy colors that you’ve never worn before, try completely new patterns, try anything new that might push your style in a new direction.

Hats Can Make Your Style Complete (If You Can Pull Them Off)

People who can successfully rock hats are nine times out of 10 the coolest people around, and there’s a reason these people always seem to wear Supreme baseball caps. There are Supreme hats that look cool no matter how they’re worn. Supreme hats tilted to the side, Supreme baseball caps loosely put on backwards, two supreme caps on top of each other even — it’s all good! If you’re going to commit to being a hat person, however, you should know that some people love nothing more than to yell at other people for wearing hats. No matter what happens, keep rocking your new style. Check out Supreme L.A. for awesome Supreme hats and other awesome Supreme apparel.

Find Someone You Like and Emulate Them (Within Reason)

NOTE: be careful emulating majorly famous celebrities; they have an uncountable amount of money and very eccentric styles. People might recognize who you’re trying to copy if you come too close to the celeb’s look, too. So find a friend or someone you look up to and pay attention to the way they dress. Ask them where they go shopping or which brands of clothing they like to wear. You don’t have to copy everything, but just try little parts here and there. If you’re shopping for a new wardrobe, browse some online apparel stores to find items to try out for your new look. Remember, if it’s comfortable and you like the way it looks — that’s all you need to worry about.