3 Great Reasons Skate Culture is Doing So Well: New Tech, Growing Popularity, and Beer Clothes

3 Great Reasons Skate Culture is Doing So Well: New Tech, Growing Popularity, and Beer Clothes

buy supreme clothingBelieve it or not, it’s a great time to be a skateboarder in this country. It’s not the most popular sport in the world and the majority of people aren’t even taking part in it, but that’s part of what makes skating so great. The people who do skateboard love it because it’s a stress reliever, a way to spend time with friends, and is just plain fun to do. Here are a few of the reasons why it’s such a great time for skaters in the United States.

Awesome Clothes

In the U.S., two of the most-purchased items are clothes and beer. Thanks to an new partnership between Supreme and Budweiser, those two items are coming together for a sudsy new style. You can now buy Supreme clothing decked out with Budweiser colors, mottos, and logos. You can buy Supreme clothing as simple as Supreme hats with the Budweiser crown on them, or you can find Supreme shirts covered with the Budweiser name and logo. This new beer-related brand of clothing was inspired by the “frenzy of new youth culture found on the pages of the deep web and on the blocks of big cities,” said officials working with the partnership. Other apparel items from skateboard culture have crossover appeal, as well. The cost of a typical pair of skate shoes can range from $50 to $100, but are some of the most stylish, coolest, and extremely comfortable shoes around — so much so that even folks who don’t skate like to buy and wear them.

Still Growing

It’s an exciting time for skate culture and not just because skaters can wear stylish new clothes with a Budweiser logo on it. There are millions of young adults who are discovering their personalities by spending time with their peers at the nearest skate park. Despite the old trope of skateboarding leading to crime, kids who have an outlet for their restless energy and social impulses actually end up staying out of real trouble. Since nearly every person in the country has access to social media, it’s been much easier for local skate communities to find each other and expand. It’s been much easier to connect on a national level, too. Young people can join Twitter groups and other online subgroups to communicate with each other and spread videos, news, and overall skate awareness.

Better Technology Leading to Incredible Videos

Gone are the days when only one friend had access to a video camera to record everyone skate. Now, just about every skater has a professional-level camera attached to their cell phone, not to mention portable cameras like GoPro, that produce some of the highest quality skate videos we’ve ever seen. If you want to buy Supreme clothing and check out a cool online apparel store, visit Phear.us today!