Proper Concert Etiquette: 7 Things You Should Know Before Your Next Concert

Proper Concert Etiquette: 7 Things You Should Know Before Your Next Concert

supreme shirtPeople are running around playing Pokemon; a Clinton is running for President; people are watching Full House; and Blink 182 is on tour. It’s the 1990s again! All right, maybe not, but at least people are having fun and listening to good music. Live music, which was amazing in the 1990s, kind of went away for a few years. People still went to shows, but no one really partied like they did in previous decades. That’s starting to change. Bands are putting more of an emphasis on their live performances all over the world. These rock and roll shows are taking back live music and taking back what it means to have a great time. Even successful bands from places like L.A. aren’t mailing it in when they come to a small dive bar on the East Coast. They’re playing their hearts out and putting on great shows. Because of the recent spike in live music interest, it’s important that concertgoers are aware of live music etiquette. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Watch the Band Not Your Phone

Recording a few seconds of a song on your phone or taking a bunch of pictures is totally fine, but don’t stare at your phone for the entire show. It’s annoying for all the people behind you and it’s honestly just not as fun as being in the moment and actually watching the concert.

Move a Little Bit. It’s Ok

It’s uncomfortable being near the guy at a concert who has his arms crossed, scowl on his face, stiff posture, and chest puffed out. You’re not the security for the band, guy. Relax a little bit. Who cares what anyone else thinks? You’re at a sweet concert — let loose a little bit and dance.

Don’t Yell Dumb Things

There is always going to be one idiot who yells out, “PLAY FREE BIRD.” Proper concert etiquette requires you to slap that person in the head.

Keep Your Clothes On

Unless it’s day three of Woodstock, your clothes should probably stay on.

Don’t Drink… Too Much

You claim that you like the band, right? You should stay sober enough to actually enjoy the music then. No one likes the guy who is falling over and puking during the opening band. By all means, have a good time, but don’t overdue it until the end of the show. Then you can go wild!


It’s rude not to.

Mosh Pit

People are going to mosh at concerts and that’s fine. If you’re going to partake, however, don’t get mad when the guy who is 100 pounds more than you throws you 15 feet. It’s part of the deal. Also, don’t try to bring in people who clearly do not want to be a part of the pit. Let them enjoy the show. It’s wise to do a quick scan of the participants before entering in any mosh pit. Just look at the nonverbal cues because they influence first impressions more than anything else. You can decide on the trustworthiness of a person within the first tenth of a second. If you think these people are no good — maybe just turn around and enjoy the approaching drum solo. Concerts are so much fun, and with all these sweet concerts and festivals happening this summer, it’s important to act, feel, and look as cool as possible. Check out sweet online apparel stores for sweet Supreme apparel. There are killer Supreme shirts, Supreme hats, and other items for you to rock this concert season. If you want to see some sweet apparel that you can wear to your next concert, head on over to a cool Internet shop. Online stores could earn over $100,000 a year more than physical stores and they usually have way cooler items. You can get Supreme shirts with sweet graphics or more subtle Supreme shirts that show off your style. Check out today if you want some Supreme shirts, hats, skateboards, or any other cool items.